Who We Are

Trialco Aluminum, LLC is a versatile Primary and Secondary aluminum smelter located in the south suburbs of Chicago, IL. We specialize in producing clean, high-quality Primary and Secondary alloys for today’s Die Castings, Sand and Permanent Mold Castings, Investment Castings, other Specialty Casting Operations as well as Job Shops.


Formed by three men with diverse industry experience, TriALco Inc started in Chicago Heights, IL in 1974. Since that time Trialco has remained a privately owned business and still remains in Chicago Heights. The size of the company has remained steady at around 50 employees, but the volume of business has grown tremendously. The original production floor centered around one small refractory furnace and specialized in the manufacturing of just a few common alloys. Trialco’s relatively low headcount has created a family-like atmosphere among employees.

Trialco Today

Trialco’s production now involves two large capacity furnaces (both at over 175,000lbs) and boasts a list of between 75-100 different alloys. While the output has grown, Trialco has been able to remain at around 50 employees by adopting new technologies and prioritizing efficiency and quality processes. Trialco is one of the few foundries that is capable of producing nearly every known aluminum alloy while using almost exclusively secondary materials. Our metallurgical expertise, led by company President Jay Armstrong, allow Trialco to continue to innovate and provide material to customers in a variety of industries and sizes. From Fortune 500 to small family owned machine shops, Trialco does it all and remains known across the metals landscape for the creating some the cleanest and highest quality alloys on the market.

In October of 2022, Trialco was purchased by new ownership. This initiated a name change from TriALco, Inc to Trialco Aluminum, LLC. Other than this slight change, Trialco has remained a premium supplier of Aluminum Alloys. The ownership transition has allowed the company to remain a privately owned, U.S. owned business, but bring new enthusiasm and innovation into a business model that has sustained success for almost five decades. With this rejuvenation of leadership and drive toward continued innovation, the sky is the limit for the future of Trialco. That combined with the global demand for sustainable materials (Trialco has been using recycled materials before it was fashionable) makes it a very exciting time for Trialco Aluminum, LLC.


Trialco’s company Mission and Vision Statements are the basis for everything that we do. To learn more about Trialco’s Mission and Vision, click the link below:

Plant Tour

The video link below will provide a tour of Trialco’s facility and allow you to see our commitment to excellence first hand.


Trialco is an ISO 9001 certified producer of Aluminum Alloys. This certification demonstrates our commitment to a quality process. To learn more and view the certification and Quality Statement, click below:


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